VTX Telecom

About Us

About Us

VTX Telecom began with our vision of the telephone company we ourselves would like to have. We then made it our mission to make that company a reality. The result is a phone company that provides the highest quality, state-of-the-art services at prices other companies simply cannot match.

VTX Telecom is the latest offering from Vertex Telecom, Inc., a high-end, integrated telecommunications solutions provider, founded in 1995. With the ability to leverage the network backbone, hardware, software, and resources within different business units. VTX Telecom can operate efficiently at economies of scale unfeasible to our competitors. VTX Telecom is also ISO 9001 certified, assuring that we have an effective quality system in place that meets international standards.

VTX Telecom is one of the leading Asian-American owned and operated telecommunications companies in the United States, and is staffed by an ethnically diverse group of professionals dedicated to serving the global and local communities of which it is a part. With dedicated customer service and support and an understanding of the communities we serve, VTX Telecom is committed to making long distance feel like zero distance.

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