VTX Telecom

Our Vision

Our Vision

We started with a simple vision-what would we, as customers, want from a phone company?

We found our needs were straightforward: Clear, dependable service using the latest technology, but at an economical price; comprehensible billing; and customer service that could understand our needs!

The product of our vision is VTX Telecom. Our goal is simply to be the leader in ethnicallyfocused long-distance services. Our dedication to 24/7 customer support is based on a fundamental belief: How good can a communications company be, if it can't communicate with its customers?

And with our crystal-clear, fiber-optic, integrated global telecommunications network ready to connect you to almost any phone in the world at extremely affordable rates, we're doing our part to make global communications, an essential part of modern life, available to anyone. It's just one of the ways we provide long distance that feels like zero distance.

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