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Managed Internet T1

Managed Internet T1

What is T1?

Compared to DSL, VTX T1 circuits are transported over a more robust channel. With 1.5 Mbps SDSL, your data traffic shares the connection with other DSL circuits running at slower speeds. On the other hand, a T1 line is dedicated to transporting only T1 traffic. Therefore, more stability and security is expected in addition to VTX's unbeatable value.

Your VTX Internet T1 comes with standard service features including 8 static IP, 500 e-mail addresses, 4,000 MB disk space, and 200Gb monthly data transfer and router equipment is included as well.

Who needs T1?

T1 is the "standard" connection speed for customers with moderately high bandwidth needs and a large number (15+) of users and is designed for businesses wanting to reap the full potential of the Internet.

T1 is appropriate for organizations with many users, running busy servers with reasonable application variations, or transferring modest numbers of large files. It also supports applications such as high-volume file transfer protocol (FTP), World Wide Web or Gopher servers, a multicast backbone (MBONE) feed, extensive video or image file transfers and computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) file transfers.

If your business requires 24/7 Internet access, and needs are as above mentioned, or can not get DSL due to distance limitations, then T1 is what you need.

*Please allow 45 days to deliver all T1 service.

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