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Network Intrusion Detection & Prevention

Network Intrusion Detection & Prevention

Between the increasing scale of attacks, rapid emergence of new vulnerabilities, and increased remote workers, today's security infrastructure is difficult to maintain needed levels of protection while also allowing legitimate business operations to continue.

In a corporate environment, once a networked PC is infected with virus or worm, the entire network becomes vulnerable to intrusions, and threats of the virus wide spreading across the network and subsequently to other computers are greater. In order to effectively prevent intrusions, your network security system must be able to protect every computer on the network from viruses and hackers. VTX intrusion detection and prevention solution is designed to protect organizations against external and internal threats that target their critical infrastructure.

Our solution provides intelligent blocking and control against the most prevalent cyber attacks. Hybrid attacks such as HTTP worms, DoS / DDoS attacks, protocol and traffic anomalies, IP spoofing, SYN flood attacks, and more, are accurately detected, and stopped in real-time. Precise but flexible actions against blocking malicious and suspicious traffic include monitoring, alerting, limiting and blocking.

  • Content-Based Attacks (including worms, Trojans, viruses and exploits of critical vulnerabilities)
  • Rate-Based Attacks (such as denial-of-service and DDoS attacks)
  • Complete Access Control (complements Firewall and IP VPN to protect against unauthorized user access and insider abuse)

With minimal latency, VTX intrusion detection and prevention solution can be quickly and confidently deployed inline to effectively identify and stop network and application-level attacks before they inflict any damage, minimizing the time and costs associated with intrusions.

All of our security products are ICSA certified.

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