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Network Security

Network Security

Needless to say, every business should take a proactive and serious approach when it comes to network security. There are thousands of new computer viruses created everyday to harm any computer or network they can break into. In order to lower the risk to the minimal, your business needs to take every precaution to stay protected.

If you think that carrier-grade or industrial strength network security can only be afforded by large enterprises, we'll change your perception now! What kind of software does my company need to protect against Trojan, phishing, worms, spyware, or other countless malware? Don't worry about keeping updated with all the possible threats anymore! VTX will give you the answer. VTX Solution provides affordable turnkey network security services geared especially for small and medium businesses, while it's managed and updated in real-time.

We believe that network security and privacy best practice is a unified threat management via three basic layers of defense: client-based antivirus per PC user, Internet firewall, and network intrusion prevention. VTX aims to actively shield your business's network and computers from attacks in every possible aspect. Plus the offering of content filtering and remote access services to detect malicious intents to provide triple protection.

All of our security products and IP VPN services are ICSA (International Computer Security Association) certified, providing the highest standard of effective protection for our customers' networks and computers with reinforced confidence.

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