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Remote Access

Remote Access

Remote access is the ability to get access to a computer or a network from a remote distance and is a part of VPN (virtual private network). In your business, staffs at a different location, a branch office, telecommuters, or employees who are traveling may need access to your business's network. VTX VPN supports secure remote access from any computer, which allows your telecommuters and traveling staffs to access to your corporate network securely and effectively.

VTX VPN service allows you to create a seamless, secure private network environment between headquarters, branch offices, and virtually an unlimited number of remote users. It is low cost, available anytime and anywhere for your mobile and remote workers.

VTX will also provide offsite backup service to bring you the peace of mind that your mission critical data are automatically backed up to prevent any possible loss or risks.

All of our security products are ICSA certified.

Secured Site

Need A Secured Site For Server Space, Extra and Affordable Bandwidth?

Need data back up and storage? Or even a hassle-free leased dedicated server where you don't need to worry about maintaining or upgrading your hardware.

Ask us about our colocation services!

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