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Web Content Filtering

Network Intrusion Detection & Prevention

Most businesses provide Internet connections 24/7 to their employees. Although it brings the convenience and efficiency to work, business owners should be concerned with where and how long employees are surfing the Internet.

VTX's Web Content Filtering service provides a seamless protection that is powerful, secure and cost-effective. We will process all web contents to block inappropriate material and malicious script via URL blocking and keyword/phrase blocking.

With VTX's content filtering, you can ensure that bandwidth is reserved for approved activities while minimizing liability risks and prevent lost of employee productivity by misuse or abuse of the Internet during work hours.

All of our security products are ICSA certified.

Secured Site

Need A Secured Site For Server Space, Extra and Affordable Bandwidth?

Need data back up and storage? Or even a hassle-free leased dedicated server where you don't need to worry about maintaining or upgrading your hardware.

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