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Data Media Streaming

Data Media Streaming

Along with the internet dependency of today's world, web contents and communication methods are becoming more multi-faceted. Videos and multimedia applications are being significantly deployed on the internet, as product demonstrations, training, advertisement, or simply entertainment. In some cases, these applications maybe stored files to be delivered on-demand. Some other cases can be live streaming, involving multi-party interaction. Both types of applications require high bandwidth, and are sensitive to loss and delays. Only having an efficient network or colocation services can deliver quality media streaming.

Whether it's Video Conferencing that allows you to optimize the resources of your company for live meetings, trainings and interviews, or simply streaming pre-recorded contents to multilocations, domestically or internationally, VTX has the solution for you.

VTX will optimize your network and design router configurations so it accommodates and prioritizes the data transports according to your business's needs in order for each of your multimedia application to take place effectively.

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Need A Secured Site For Server Space, Extra and Affordable Bandwidth?

Need data back up and storage? Or even a hassle-free leased dedicated server where you don't need to worry about maintaining or upgrading your hardware.

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