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VTX eCommerce is a turnkey solution designed for businesses that are committed to the eCommerce business model and require a reliable, robust platform that can be rapidly deployed.

Out-of-the-box, VTX eCommerce delivers all of the functionality your customers expect from an eCommerce site, including multi-store customization and personalization capabilities.

Key Benefits

Total Ownership

Total Ownership
You have total control over the source code, so there will be no worries for store migration or future expansion.

Single Dashboard Control

Single Dashboard Control
With VTX eCommerce, your non-technical business teams can manage online store as well as products and promotions like professionals.

Rapid Integration

Rapid Integration
Designed to ease integration, VTX eCommerce solution provides a set of standard integrations and can be configured for specific additional third party extension needs.

Measuring and Improving

Measuring and Improving
Gain insight into your customer’s behavior and review details of your conversion performance with our analytics tool. VTX eCommerce provides advanced analytics capability that will allow you to review your site traffic in microscopic detail and help you to fine tune both your SEO efforts and to help better shape the online shopping experience.

Enterprise-Class Network Platform

Enterprise-Class Network Platform
VTX provides true carrier class firewall protection, antivirus, intrusion prevention and protection, fully PCI complaint hosting with 99.99% uptime guaranteed. Rest assured with the on demand additional bandwidth and data storage space to accommodate your online store as it grows and seasonal peaks in traffic for premium performance.

VTX Advantages


Fully Customizable eCommerce Software
VTX eCommerce solution offers a robust and fully customizable code base, giving you unlimited potential to shape your online stores to your specific business needs. Since the software is customizable, you will have the ability to control every aspect of the online shopping experience, as well as, being able to leverage enhancements with future technologies.

Rich Shopping Cart

Rich Shopping Cart Features
VTX eCommerce comes with a feature-rich shopping cart and ready-to-go storefront templates. It has all the essential online store features, including multiple store views; multi-language stores; persistent shopping cart; up sell/cross sell features; product review; shipping rate configuration; multiple payment and pricing options; flexible couponing and promotions and so much more!

Secure and Fast Payment Processing

Secure and Fast Payment Processing Complies with PCI-DSS
VTX eCommerce ensures smooth, fast, accurate payment transactions with highest security fully in compliance with the latest PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) requirements. It is also VISA PABP (Payment Application Best Practice) approved and certified.

SEO Managemen

SEO Management and Best Practices
Designed from the ground up for all aspects of the code and generated stores are SEO friendly, VTX eCommerce is loaded with powerful SEO management and best practices like auto generating SEF URLs, Google Site Map, full control over URL rewrites and meta information for products and categories, even in multilingual settings.

Multiple Payment Systems

Multiple Payment Systems and Taxes
Present a variety of payment methods to your customers including credit cards, PayPal, Google Checkout, cash on delivery and more. Major payment gateways supported, such as PayPal and Authorize.Net. Easily extend the payment system to connect to other gateways. VTX eCommerce also includes a highly configurable tax engine that can compute taxes based on product class, country, state, county and more.

Flexible Shipping Offerings

Flexible Shipping Offerings that Help You Sell
VTX eCommerce is Integrated for real-time shipping rates from:
UPS, UPS XML (account rates), FedEx (account rates), USPS and DHL. It also enables free shipping discounts for order amount, or as part of specific marketing promotions; and the ability for customers to ship items in an order to multiple addresses is sure to increase sales of gift purchases.

Mobile eCommerce

Mobile eCommerce
VTX eCommerce is a single solution you need to effectively reach your target audience across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. It allows you to create mobile stores so that you can execute a mobile commerce strategy for today’s growing smartphone user base.

Advanced Optional Add-ons for Different Operational Needs

Advanced Optional Add-ons for Different Operational Needs
VTX eCommerce offers many advanced optional add-ons to meet different critical operational needs. Some of these add-ons are:

  1. Fraud Prevention Integration
  2. Accounting/ERP Software Integration
  3. Part Finder

Secured Site

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