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Network-Based MultiProtocol Label Switching (MPLS) - Enabled IP VPN -- a wide area networking solution with site-to-network secured connectivity for multi-location businesses that require secure T-1 or higher services domestically and internationally. It offers more bandwidth for the dollar, multiple classes of service for improved application performance, and lower network operating costs than traditional Wide Area Networking or Customer Premise Equipment-based VPNs.

The MPLS VPN solution allows for traffic to be differentiated according to packets of service parameters over the VTX backbone. The class system allows for data going through the network to be prioritized based on the packet labeled. Each class of service comes with a set of service level agreements based on latency, availability, packet loss and jitter.

The MPLS solution ensures that business-critical traffic such as VoIP and Video Conferencing are uninterrupted by other traffic types and simultaneously maintains cost-efficiency by allowing customers to utilize lower, less expensive classes of service where appropriate.

Live statistics specific to each customer's MPLS VPN are available online through the VTX vNOC.


Key Benefits
  • Reliability with built-in redundancy - With the use of VTX' fully meshed MPSL backbone as well as options between multiple access mediums offer customers high levels of uptime with both reliability and redundancy.
  • Global partners - VTX has existing "bi-directional" partnership agreements with major carriers worldwide.
  • Consolidation of connectivity - With a single local loop connection into the MPLS network, a corporate can gain access to all of VTX' products and services such as Voice and Data Services, Security services and Remote Access Services.
  • Managed security services - VTX offers an array of data security services which are seamlessly integrated into our MPLS VPN services.
  • Cost effective solution - Economies of scale and reaching levels of critical mass have allowed VTX to offer exceptionally competitive pricing.
  • Future-proof network architecture - with highly scalable and flexible network infrastructure VTX MPLS VPN can easily adapts to our customer's business requirements as they grow in complexity, volume, and geographic scope
  • Monitoring and notification - VTX runs a 24/7 Customer Support Center comprised of seasoned call agents and engineers. Our state-of-the-art monitoring tools, not only monitor the MPLS VPN 24 hours a day, but also our customers "last mile" links connecting to the VTX network. Should any of these links go down or experience any faults, the CSC will notify the customer and immediately begin the process of fault resolution with the relevant network provider, continually updating the customer on the progress.
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