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Network Design & System Integration

Network Design & System Integration

Regardless what your objectives are, here at VTX, we have a group of professionals to design and build your network with minimal cost and highest efficiency to accomplish your goals.

Whether you need to have better connectivity with another office or vendors across the states, VTX can help you to achieve a reliable network with availability, security and performance.

As today's technologies advances constantly, businesses are always facing the needs to combine existing systems with the new and updated ones. VTX understand the key to operating smoothly is to maximize system compatibility and interoperability. By leveraging existing solutions and the underlying business rules of the organization, VTX Systems Integration Solution can bring together the relevant pieces of disparate data from separate solutions into the desired applications to provide you the simplification, automation, and optimization of business operation.

Get Your Cloud PBX with VTX Exclusive Features

  • Smartphone Apps: travel with your global mobile extension
  • Free worldwide inter-office calls
  • Global Call Forwarding
  • Custom IVR greetings
  • Upgrades/maintenance free Learn More
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