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VTX vNOC (Virtual Network Operation Center)

VTX vNOC (Virtual Network Operation Center)

Every business, big or small, needs a network presence. While it's easy for larger corporate to build and run their own network, smaller businesses face problems trying to run servers and networks on their own since there's limited resources to utilize and having your own network means extra costs added to the business operation.

VTX vNOC is a webtool that acts as a fully operated network center working for your business without all the facility expenses or manpower to add onto the payroll. vNOC provides our customers the ability and accessibility to manage and monitor their network, upload websites, manage email users/accounts, without physically being at our NOC, or have their own NOC.

Everything could be done online, on their desktop.

Benefits of vNOC

  • VTX vNOC provides IT managers, engineers, and technicians centralized management to their IT infrastructure, comprehensive access to their working projects, service issues, monitoring reports, and maintenance.
  • Clear visibility of the network to pin point irregularities for on-target troubleshoot
  • Lowering operating costs, increase productivity

Secured Site

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