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Long Distance Service

Long Distance Service

Choosing the most cost efficient business phone service can be a challenging task.  VTX offers a wide spectrum of voice services with high flexibility which can be customized to fit the size of your business, number of locations, international geographic locations, call volume and pattern, and your phone system.

VTX signature low international long distance rates are available in pay-as-you-go standard rates, or in bulk rate packages, and can be coupled with any of our voice service offerings such as T1, Flex T1, Toll-Free services, or VoIP solutions.

Our advanced cloud technology will allow you to access the next-generation IP PBX without upfront capital investment, and not ever have to worry about upgrades or maintenance. VTX voice solutions will sure help your business lower operating cost and increase productivity.  

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Get Your Cloud PBX with VTX Exclusive Features

  • Smartphone Apps: travel with your global mobile extension
  • Free worldwide inter-office calls
  • Global Call Forwarding
  • Custom IVR greetings
  • Upgrades/maintenance free Learn More
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