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VTX REVO Office is the concept of adapting cloud telephony in today’s entrepreneurial age, to best achieve cost down and remote workforce. VTX IP PBX is a cloud-based phone system, hosted IP PBX, for small-medium businesses, and packed with large enterprise phone system features but at phone card prices and no upfront equipment costs.

Upgrades and maintenances FREE
Upgrades and maintenances FREE

VTX IP PBX leverages the beauty of the cloud, where your phone system is a hosted software-as-a-service (SAAS) by VTX Telecom. Thus all the maintenance and upgrades are done by us; and we’re only a phone call away!

  • Don’t ever need to schedule appointment with PBX vendor to add, move, or delete extensions on premises
  • Don’t ever need to purchasing expansion cards, trunk cards, or parts
  • Don’t ever worry about out-growing the capacity of your hardware
  • Don’t worry about compatibility issues, working with your old phone systems, or no phone systems
  • Don’t ever need to Worry about the logistics and costs of moving or relocation



Worry about changes and associated costs? Moving or business travel? VTX IP PBX has all the answers, and is the most cost effective solution!

  • Moving locations ─ While moving- make and receive calls on your smartphone with our free VoIP app; or forward calls to your cell phones, you won’t even miss a call
  • Just give us a call, phone system changes can be done almost instantly:
    • Adding new remote offices, domestically or internationally
    • New departments and extensions
    • Change company, department, or business hour related greetings and announcements
  • Adding temporary freelancers to your phone network


High expandability
and mobility
High expandability and mobility
More features than traditional PBX
More features than traditional PBX
  • Keep existing phone numbers
  • Customized company main greeting, departmental greeting
  • Unlimited extensions capacity
  • Local phone numbers from 30+ countries, including China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.
  • International call forwarding
  • Voicemail to email
  • Conference calls
  • Free smart phone Apps
  • See more features

Entrepreneurs are now becoming more innovative and don't work the same way as the old days. More businesses are utilizing remote workforce, and freelancers.

VTX IP PBX can help you revolutionize your team structure with high flexibility in call routing features.

Expand your company with project-based contractors and present them as part of your organization by setting up a remote extension, as part of your company directory.

Your remote work force can be located at home, in another state, or overseas, and still answer calls from your company extension.

Seamless team building with freelancers
Seamless team building with freelancers
Free calls and super low international rates
Free calls and super low international rates


  • Inter-company extension to extension calls are free::including remote locations, (calls dialed and received via softphone, ATA connected or IP phones
  • Inbound calls are free. (Exceptions to toll-free numbers and International phone numbers)
  • Voicemails are free.
  • Cheap long distance and international calls. the international calling rates to various popular countries are same or even cheaper than U.S. domestic long distance calls at VTX.

IP Phone
Can be used with
any type of phones
Can be used with any type of phones
From any analog touch-tone desktop phone worldwide: paired with an ATA.
VTX softphone for PC and Mac
iOS & Android smartphone or tablet app
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