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Dedicated T1 Voice

Dedicated T1 Voice

You are more than likely in need of T1 voice services if your business has more than 12 phone lines. As a T1 provides a dedicated connection from your premises to a long distance switch, you'll have a single high-capacity digital circuit for voice applications.

VTX Telecom can provide your business with the state-of-the-art T1 voice communications solution you need at prices far below the competition, so you can focus on running your business, not worrying about it. Plus our great low long distance rates will provide you with tremendous cost savings for up to 50%*.

Since there are 24 DS-0 circuits in one T-1 circuit, you can have 24 phone lines with 23 of them available to use (depending on the need for a reserved line designated for special features) connected to the long distance carrier at the same time.

VTX offers two products in T1 voice service to best suit your needs:

VTX Dedicated T1
This product works best when you already have a local carrier and would like your local service remain unchanged. VTX Dedicated T1 will provide long distance service and you can decide what to do with your 23 phone lines such as outbound only, bi-directional or toll-free T1 with great low long distance rates and exceptional value.

VTX Local Dedicated T1

If you would like to have both local and long distance service provided by the same carrier, VTX Local Dedicated T1 is ideal and you will enjoy the single bill convenience with both local, long distance, outbound and toll-free all within one simple billing statement that's easy to understand and manage!

*Long distance rates are different for each area and the savings are subject to your location.
*Please allow 45 days to deliver all T1 service.

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