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About VTX Telecom Products and Services, and How to Contact Us

What does VTX stand for?

VTX is Vertex in short. Vertex means the highest point; the apex or summit: the vertex of a mountain.

What kind of service do you provide?
  • Small-medium enterprise solutions, including voice/data T1, MPLS IP VPN, VoIP, network security and IT Outsourcing. Our most competitive advantage is North America to Asia Network
What do you have that's better than the other telecom carriers in the market?
  • Just like any other major carriers, AT&T, SBC, MCI, or Verizon, we have our own network that provides reliable services. But our prices are 30-40% more affordable compared to them.
  • Our customer service never sleeps, customers can reach us 24/7

Whether you're an existing customer, or a new customer, we'll set up VTX Long Distance phone services in your new home. Our specialists are ready to help you 24/7, so you can choose the calling plan and options that best fit your needs. Just have the following information ready and call 1-866-742-5889:

  • Your billing name, current address, and phone number.
  • Your new street address and zip code.
  • Your required service start date.
Can I get Local Service from VTX Telecom?

We currently only offer Local Service to Enterprises with Voice Local Dedicated T1. VTX does not offer Local Service for Residents or analog phone lines.

How do I contact VTX Telecom?
  • General Inquiries and signing up new services: 1-888-889-5109
  • Customer Service and Billing questions: 1-866-742-5889
  • Business Solutions Inquiry: 1-888-889-5109
  • Business Solutions Technical Support: 1-866-742-5889
How do I verify that VTX Telecom is my long distance provider?

Call 1-700-555-4141 toll-free from your home phone. If you hear a message identifying VTX Telecom, then you are long distance service is with us. If you hear an error message, then your service is with someone else.

What are local toll, intrastate, interstate, and international calls?
  • Local toll are calls within the city but beyond your local calling area. To find out about your local calling area, please contact your local service provider or check your local phone directory.
  • Intrastate is call that originated and terminated within the same state but different city.
  • Interstate are calls between states.
  • International is call outside the fifty states of USA. Canada is international even though the dial code is 1.
What is my local calling area?
  • The coverage is determined by your local phone company.
  • It varies with carriers as well as states.
What kind of call quality can I expect from your service?
  • Our quality is the same as all tier one carriers in the country today.
  • Our fiber-optic global telecom network provides you the very highest quality of voice for every call you make.
  • We have been in the telecom business for over ten years.
  • We had been the provider of international long distance services for major carriers in the country for years.
Is this service available in Taiwan and Hong Kong? Like the Roaming calling card?
  • No, this is only available in Continental USA (48 states)
  • Currently not available in Alaska and Hawaii
  • However, vCard is free to get after you have completed the switching process and has roaming services available in Canada, Taiwan and Hong Kong
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