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vCard General

What are the benefits of a VTX vCard?

With a VTX vCard, you can always make local toll, long distance and international phone calls when you're away from home in the most cost-effective way! When you use your VTX vCard, you're guaranteed to get VTX’s low US continental interstate and international rates, so you can avoid being charged by unfamiliar long distance companies or pay phones when you are on the road. Call 1-866-742-5889 to find out more about VTX vCard.

What is the cost of a VTX vCard?

VTX vCard is available for Free to all VTX voice service subscribers.

How can I get a VTX vCard?

Your VTX vCards can be ordered online along with your voice service. Or you may call our Customer Service Representatives at 1-866-742-5889 to request for it anytime you like. Each residential account can order up to 4 VTX vCards and each business account can get up to 10.

How does VTX charge me when I use my VTX vCard?

To make a long distance calling card call from any touchtone phone in the US:

  1. Dial VTX toll free number: 1-888-563-2851
  2. Listen to the prompt, and enter PIN
  3. For calls within the U.S., enter area code and followed by the telephone number
  4. For calls outside of the U.S., enter the country code and followed by the telephone number

To make a long distance calling card call from any touchtone phone in Canada, Taiwan and Hong Kong:

  1. Dial the VTX toll free number of the region you are calling from printed on the back of the card
  2. Listen to the prompt, and enter PIN
  3. When you are connected to VTX, simply dial the number you wish to call (be sure to dial all necessary country code, city/area code)
What if I need to use VTX vCard from a hotel room?

You will first need to get an outside line (ask your hotel how to), and when you hear a dial tone, simply dial the VTX toll free number in your region and follow the instructions. If your hotel does not allow you to use a calling card to call from your room, you may have to place your calls elsewhere (thru pay phones, for example) to avoid high hotel rates.

What if I lost my VTX vCard?
  1. You must first call our 24/7 Customer Service to report a lost/stolen VTX vCard.
  2. After we have verified you are the owner of the lost/stolen VTX vCard, we will close and disable the account and replace it with a new card
  3. Once you have received your new VTX vCard in the mail, you will follow the same procedure to activate the card and select your 4-digit
How do I know which calls are generated by my VTX vCard?

A separate statement will be attached to your regular service to indicate all the calls.

Is there an expiration date to my VTX vCard?

Yes. Your VTX vCard will expire two (2) years from the issue date.

Is there a usage limit to VTX vCard?

Yes. Each VTX vCard is allowed to call up to $50 per month. Once a VTX vCard reaches to such limit, it will be temporarily disabled until the amount used has been paid off.

How do I set up a PINless Dial number so I do not have to enter my PIN whenever I place a call?
  1. Log in to your vCard account
  2. Click on PINless Dialing Setup in the left nevigation.
  3. Enter the 10-digit phone number in the available field. Do not use parentheses or dashes.
  4. Click on "Add PINless Dialing" to complete the changes. Your change will now be displayed, and take effect immediately.

Note: PINless Dial can be set up on any touch-tone phone, even phones that have caller-ID blocking. PINless Dial is not available for international phone number (outside of U.S. and Canada) setup.

How many PINless Dial numbers can I have?

For each account you can have up to five (5) PINless Dial numbers to cover your home, office, or cellular phones.

How do I set up the Speedial feature?
  1. Log in to your VTX vCard account.
  2. Go to vCard -> Speedial Setup.
  3. Click on the "Create New" button.
  4. Enter the contact name and destination number in the fields. You can set up to 50 most frequent call destinations with a 2-digit Speedial code, ranging from 11 to 60.
  5. Click on “Save” and your change will take effect immediately.
How do I use Speedial to place a call?
  1. Dial the toll-free or local number to access our system.
  2. Enter your PIN. (You do not need to enter your PIN for calls placed via PINless Dial numbers. To learn more about PINless Dial, please click here.)
  3. Follow the voice prompt, enter the 4-digit Security PIN (if any) and Speedial 2-digit code for the person you want to call, followed by # (e.g. 12#, 38#, etc.).
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