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FAQ - Smartphone App iPhone/iPad

iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Where and how do I get the app onto my iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch?
  1. Use your iPhone/iPad to scan the QR code below for quick installation:
  2. Or, from the App Store on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, choose search and type in keyword "VTX." Tap on the VTX VoIP application, then choose Install.
  3. On your computer, from your iTunes, enter the App Store and search for VTX. Download the app on your computer, then sync your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch with your iTunes. (Be sure to enable sync on your downloaded apps by checking "Sync Apps" on the Apps tab on your iTunes.)
How do I set up my app?
  1. Make sure your app is properly installed and your vCard account is enabled.
  2. Launch your VTX VoIP app.
  3. Set up your VTX VoIP by tapping on the "Settings" icon at the lower right hand corner of the app.
  4. Enter your VoIP account username and password. To retrieve your account username and password, please log in to your vCard account from any computer, then go to My Account Summary > My Access Info and click “Edit”. You may also change your password on this page.
  5. Go back to your dial pad by tapping the “Dialer” icon. The app will try to register your account. If registration fails, please double check your settings.
  6. Once the registration succeeds, to make your first call, simply dial the destination number from the app's dial pad and the call will go through.
    • For U.S. & Canada calls, dial 1 + Area Code + Telephone Number.
    • For international calls (outside the U.S. & Canada) dial 011 + country code + area code + telephone number. If Speedial is already set up on your account online, then simply dial the Speedial number.
How do I use VTX VoIP to call existing contacts in my iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch?

The VTX VoIP integrates with your existing phonebook so you can enjoy ease of navigation and use. To use the app in calling your existing contacts, follow these simple steps:

  1. Please make sure that the phone numbers registered in your existing phone book are in the following format:
    • For U.S. & Canada contacts, the phone number should be entered and saved as 1 + Area Code + Telephone Number
    • For international contacts (outside the U.S. & Canada), the phone number should be saved as 011 (or “+”if the “Substitute + by 011” setting is on) + country code + area code + telephone number.
  2. From the VTX VoIP’s integrated phonebook, locate the contact you wish to call. Search the contact as you would using your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch's Contacts.
  3. Press "CALL" after choosing the contact for the app to start dialing the number.
  4. To end a call, simply tap "End Call".
How do I exit the app?

You can exit the app by closing the app. However, VTX VoIP automatically runs in the background so Digital Phone Line users can still receive calls when the app is closed.

To quit the app completely, go to Settings and turn off Background Mode. And then close the app.

How do I remove the app?

On the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, tap and hold the app icon for longer than 3 seconds. An "x" should appear next to all the apps on the screen and the icons should "jiggle", then tap on the "x" to delete the application.

You may also delete an app using iTunes. Simply go to the apps tab of your iTunes, un-check the VTX VoIP, then sync your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch with iTunes.

Can I make calls from different devices?

You may switch between devices to make calls, once the device is registered.

*To quit the app completely from your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings and turn off Background Mode. And then close the app. When you re-open the app, the app will re-register.

Can I receive calls on multiple devices at the same time?

No, incoming calls will only ring to the last registered device, or to your voicemail if active registration is not found on any device.

If you are switching between devices, please be reminded to exit the previously registered device, and then register the device where you’d like to receive calls, if it is not the last registrant with VTX network.

*To quit the app completely from your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings and turn off Background Mode. And then close the app. When you re-open the app, the app will re-register.

Why am I not receiving my Digital Phone Line incoming calls on the app?
  1. Please check if your user name and password are entered correctly, and if your app has an active registration session with VTX. Your user name and passwords can be found in your vCard account, My Account Summary, under "My Access Info".
  2. Please check if your app is properly registered with VTX Network. You could test by calling your voicemail by dialing *0 from the keypad. If you could hear VTX voice prompt, that means your app’s registration session is active.
  3. Please check if your vCard account is enabled.
  4. Please check if you have other devices such as ATA, IP Phone, or computer softphone registered with the same account, and is in use. This could override your app’s registration session.
The app works with Wi-Fi but not on 3G! Why is that?

First, please check with your mobile carrier that VoIP is allowed on their 3G network. Some carriers forbid VoIP in its contracts. Or, you may be experiencing spotty 3G signal, which affects a steady flow of traffic, and thus the voice quality deteriorates.

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