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I was not successful in downloading VTX VoIP and received an error message. What does this mean and what do I do?

This might mean your phone’s OS version is not included in the list of supported OS versions. Please make sure your device is running the supported OS versions.

What happens if I upgrade my mobile phone OS?

If you are already using a supported OS version, you will continue to enjoy VTX VoIP. Please visit the VTX VoIP download page for your respective smartphone's application store, once in a while, to get updates or upgrades on VTX VoIP app.

What happens if I downgrade my mobile phone OS?

If you are already using supported OS versions and above and decided to downgrade beyond these OS then your VTX VoIP may no longer function.

I started downloading VTX VoIP to my mobile phone and encountered a message saying "insufficient memory" or "file too large." What should I do?

Certain mobile phone models have file size download limitations. In such cases, you may not be able to download more apps until you have cleared some of your mobile phone memory.

I have downloaded and installed VTX VoIP but cannot use it. Why?

Regarding your phone and service, please make sure:

  1. Your mobile phone is NOT in flight mode.
  2. Your mobile phone service is enabled and you are currently connected to Wi-Fi or data plan.
  3. Your outgoing service is connected and you did not activate call redirect.

Regarding your vCard account and installation, please check:

  1. If your vCard account is enabled.
  2. If your installation is complete. Here's how to check on your respective smartphone:
    • iPhone - see whether the application is still downloading or installing. A bar usually shows the progress of the installation. You should be able to see a clear image of the VTX VoIP icon once the installation process is completed.
    • Android - different phone models may have different approaches to issues related to unsuccessful installation. Please visit the Android Market Technical Help to find a solution specific to your phone model.
  3. Your unsuccessful installation may be related to an SD card issue. As and example, if you encounter the below error: "Installation unsuccessful - Unknown error 18"
  4. If so:
    1. Connect your phone to your laptop/PC with an USB cable.
    2. On you computer, find your phone's folder.
    3. Go to folder "android_secure" and delete file "smdl2tmp1.asec".
    4. Safely remove your phone. Installation should now be successful

    If installation is incomplete, you may restart your device by turning the power off and on, then repeat the steps to download and install.

While with VTX VoIP, can I use my SMS, MMS, push e-mail and other features?

Yes, VTX VoIP will not interfere with any of your mobile phone features and you can continue to receive or send e-mail, SMS, MMS and other features on your mobile phone.

Can I get detail record of my calls through VTX VoIP?

Yes. You can access your call history by tapping the “History” icon.

Can I call regular phone lines or any other number using VTX VoIP?

Absolutely. You can call any phone line or phone number using VTX VoIP.

Can I dial 911 using VTX VoIP?

No. VTX VoIP does not support calls to any emergency number or emergency service, like 911. To dial 911, please make sure to use a regular phone line or wireless-carrier phone line.

How can I get to my Digital Phone Line voicemail box from VTX VoIP App?

You may dial *0 directly from the VTX VoIP App dial pad to access your voicemail box.

How do I contact VTX VoIP Customer Service?

VTX VoIP is supported by VTX's Customer Service. You may reach us at 1-866-417-8483, or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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