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What sets us apart?

Aside from our competitive prices, our dedicated group of professionals and state-of-the-art facility are what set us apart. Take a look at our Network Operation Center and you’ll know what we mean.


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Think of how a travel agency could help with your travel needs. We’re the aggregators of the telecom carriers. That is why we can provide you with the lowest rates and customized solutions to your company’s telecom requirements.

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What's new?

Wireless T1 is the most reliable and secure business internet service, boasting 2X the speed of traditional T1 and only takes 2 days to activate.

Use Wireless T1 for your POS, use Wireless T1 as backup internet, or use Wireless T1 for your mission critical applications.    More

VTX High Speed Fiber to the Internet 25M up/down only $83 per month*. Service availability may vary by location.   
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All VTX voice service customers can now make and receive calls worldwide with our free smartphone/tablet app! Save your mobile minutes and call straight from your phonebook with WiFi.   More

What can we do for you?

Manufacturer / Importer / Exporter / Wholesale
Increase internal communication and operation efficiency
International Travel Agency
A complete communication network with flexibility, mobility and simplicity
Call Center
Help call center reduce telecom Cost by 50%
Retail Chain
Partner with retail chain’s IT department saving the company tens of thousands of cash outlay
Real Estate Agency
Enhance mobility to bring convenience and productivity
Web Publisher
VTX Media & Data Center allows online businesses big headroom for growth
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