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VTX Cloud Communication Solution for financial, insurance, and real estate agencies
Insurance/Financial/Real-Estate Agency
Speedy Footprint Expansion with Cloud-Based Communication Services



New Era is a financial planning and management company headquartered in Los Angeles, with branch offices and remote agents located across 30 major cities nationwide. 


New Era has over 500 direct employees including 200 customer service agents in 30 offices and still growing rapidly.  Daily operation includes lots of inbound and outbound calls between customers and agents, and advisors are often out in the field meeting with clients. 


  • Company has aggressive goals in agent recruitment and training nationwide. IT team has limited resources to keep up with the location and personnel increase and support the communication needs. 

  • While most advisors are constantly in the fields, it means business opportunity lost when calls are not received in the office.

  • Company expands too quickly and needed to ensure customer service quality.

VTX Cloud Communication Solution for financial, insurance, and real estate agencies

Made for Any Sized Businesses

VTX Solutions for

New Era Financial

VTX Cloud Phone System + Contact Center Solution

  • Quick deployment and cost savings. VTX desktop phones deployed for all offices, along with vtxMobile app without additional labor costs from third-party vendors. 

  • Office-on-the-go. Advisors use vtxMobile app as mobile office to stay connected with customers and co-workers.

  • Improve agent performance and customer experience. Contact Center Solution features are added to the Customer Contact Center team members, supervisors, and manager. 

  • More savings on outbound and toll-free inbound calls. Shared minute plan for all locations. 



  • Expand footprint coverage. Adding new locations to the network can be set up within a few days. Literally, plug and play. 

  • Cost-saving and ease of management. VTX helped New Era IT Department setup secured IPVPN using VTX SD-WAN, eliminating the need for private circuits between locations. 

  • Network monitoring.  New Era IT manager was able to monitor the virtual network through the VTX SD-WAN manager portal, and 

  • Task automation. Scheduled automatic daily backups, load balancing and network alarm

  • Improve network performance. Through the VTX SD-WAN management portal, network load balancing can be achieved easily. 

  • Secured remote access. Ensure highest network security as remote workforce increases. 

VTX Use Case

See some of the VTX Cloud Communication Solutions have helped businesses in different industries to improve both cost and operational efficiency.

Ready to Save More and Improve Your Communication Service?


  • New Era was able to expand and set up a new branch office each month.  Without any IT support, the local personnel could just plug the VTX device into broadband Internet, and the phone system and private network are up and running instantly.

  • Team collaboration and communication improved significantly as the in-house directory was published in the vtxMobile app, along with the business chat feature.

  • Customer service agent performance improved and measurable. Customer dispute resolution rate was 80% higher and faster, as call barging and whiper tools help team leaders coach agents during the call, and call recordings were used as helpful training tool and for performance evaluation purposes. ACD and monitoring tools and reports gave the contact center manager clear visibility of the team’s queue and capacity. 


This use case was created based on real scenarios with altered company name to maintain customer privacy.

Improve productivity and team collaboration with VTX Cloud Phone System
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