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Toll-Free Services

Toll-Free Services

Toll-Free Numbers help your business boost up sales and response rates by allowing your customers to call you free of charge. When you apply for a toll-free number, it is assigned to one of your existing phone lines and toll-free calls are forwarded to that pre-designated "Ring-To- Number" (RTN), on our switched long distance services. Such RTN can be a mobile number as well, and when the service is delivered via a T1, the number will ring to the T1 circuit.

Toll-Free numbers come with area code of 800, 888, 877, and 866. VTX can provide your Toll- Free Service with unparalleled long distance rate. This is an exceptional value when you pair it up with your VTX switched long distance, or VTX T1 voice solution. VTX Toll-Free Service also provides features as follows:

  • Limit the originate states of the Toll-Free Call
  • Set time of day routing
  • Restrict payphone calling
  • Vanity number search service is available upon request
    (For example: 1-866-Yes-2-VTX
  • You may switch your existing Toll-Free Number to VTX, or apply for new numbers through VTX.


vCard Remote Calling
Available for All Voice Customers

Make & Receive Calls Worldwide

  • Free smartphone/tablet apps
  • Initiate international conference calls
  • Global callback Get Yours Now!
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