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VTX SD-WAN [Software-Defined Wide-Area Network]

VTX Managed SD-WAN – Reduce Complexity Simplify Management

As business environment changes, cloud computing technology matures, and the growth of remote work force increases, it is very important for enterprises to establish stable and secure connection between headquarters, branches, and data centers. Traditionally, WANs have been based on physical connections and dedicated bandwidth utilizing SLA-backed private multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) or leased line links to an organizations’ main data centers for all application and security needs.  But that comes at a premium price for connectivity and operational complexity and limited visibility associated with multiple point products. This network architecture usually results significant management overhead and difficulties, especially when trying to troubleshoot and resolve issues. Traditional WAN or MPLS connectivity cannot meet the radical change in network demands caused by digital transformation and an increasingly widespread remote workforce, but SD-WAN can. 


VTX SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) service uses SDN (Software-Defined Network) technology to simplify WAN deployment and management by separating network hardware from its control plane. The technology resides at the network edge and is managed via edge appliances. VTX SD-WAN virtually bonds the transport links between sites, and not caring the type of data circuit or wireless connection is used at each site. It “virtually” chooses the best path available to route traffic. At the same time, VTX SD-WAN combines WAN optimization and application-based intelligent technologies such as routing, private secure tunneling, end-to-end QoS, and global backbone network to provide secure high-speed, stable, and reliable WANs for enterprises, while significantly reducing deployment, operation and maintenance costs, and to achieve operational continuity and efficiency. 

VTX SD-WAN and Traditional WAN comparison

VTX SD-WAN Benefits

  • Build a network based on business requirements to meet flexible business needs, and offer a secure network architecture to the work-from-anywhere world

  • Augmentation of an existing MPLS network with a second WAN utilizing any local provider.

  • Provide secure high-speed, stable and reliable WAN services via end-to-end IPsec data encryption, you can protect SD-WAN traffic between all its endpoints, as well as the sites and users directly exposed to the Internet. 

  • Increase application performance by more than 50% over traditional WAN

  • Reduce costs by more than 70% over traditional MPLS WAN leased circuits and maintenance cost

  • Significantly simplifies WAN management and maintenance and improve management efficiency

  • Zero-touch provisioning, branch office can be online within 10 minutes

  • Avoid local loop provisioning by adding new locations via existing public networks.

  • Tightly integrates with VTX Network Security Solutions to orchestrate consistent network and security policies, enabling scaling without compromising security

  • Single management Portal providing real-time visibility and control for both VTX SD-WAN and VTX firewall

VTX SD-WAN empowers your IT teams with carrier-grade tool that’s simple to use and can easily manage your company network architecture at any scale. Or simply just give our stellar support team a shout out to make any configuration changes. 

Ready to Save More and Improve Your Network Performance?

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