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Multiple Carrier Redundancy with the Best Rate

Never Miss a Business Opportunity with
VTX's Reliable Toll-Free Services

Toll-Free Numbers help your business boost up sales and response rates by allowing your customers to call you free of charge. When you apply for a toll-free number, it is assigned to one of your existing phone lines and toll-free calls are forwarded to that pre-designated "Ring-To- Number" (RTN), an extension on your phone system domestically or internationally, a department or a group of extensions, a mobile number or a phone number abroad.


Toll-Free numbers come with area code of 800, 888, 877, and 866. VTX can provide your Toll- Free voice service with unparalleled rates. VTX Toll-Free Inbound Service also provides features as follows:

  • Limit the originate states of the Toll-Free Calls

  • Set time of day routing

  • Restrict payphone calling

  • ​International call forwarding to your offshore contact center, overseas call center

  • Vanity number search service is available upon request (For example: 1-866-Yes-2-VTX)

  • Port-in your existing Toll-Free Number to VTX by filling in a Resp Org form

  • Pair up VTX Toll-Free inbound service with VTX Cloud Phone System and customize your routing schedule based on branch office or call center time zones

  • Pair up VTX Toll-Free inbound service with VTX Contact Center Solution if you’d like to have call recording, and intuitive call center supervisor features to whisper and coach agents, and analytic reports on call queues and agents

Toll-free voice is an integral part of many businesses. But when you overlook the flexibility, high costs can quickly add up! VTX has more than 20+ years of experience serving different industries with large toll-free inbound volume, such as airlines, freight forwarding, insurance and financial, consumer electronics, eCommerce companies, and travel agencies etc. We’d love to talk to you and help you discover the convenience and savings VTX could provide to your business. 

Ready to Save More and Improve Your Toll-Free Voice Performance?

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