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VTX Webfax


No Fax Machine, No Paper, No Phone Line 

Unified Communication with VTX WebFax

VTX WebFax-no more paper jam

While it may seem like a thing from the past, faxing is still used as part of the business operations by many industries, such as realtors and real estate agents, government institutions and agencies, healthcare, and banking. VTX WebFax is the modern solution for these companies in the new era of remote workforce and gig economy. 

Get the convenience of faxing without the added cost and hassle of maintaining extra phone lines and fax machines. VTX Web Fax is a hosted alternative to traditional fax service that will help you increase your productivity and improve your mobility while conserving natural resources. With VTX WebFax Service, you can send faxes from any device with a web browser and Internet connection. Incoming faxes are sent directly to your email inbox - so you don’t ever need to go a fax machine to fetch your fax anymore!

No Fax Machine, No Maintenance

Save the cost and hassle of maintaining a fax machine. No fax machine, no paper, no ink cartridge, no phone line

Multiple Devices

Send & receive fax anytime, anywhere with any device with web browser and Internet access

Number Portability

Get any area code fax number, toll-free fax number or port-in your existing fax number to VTX


Fax broadcast or fax blasting to hundreds of recipients from your address book. Import contacts from Outlook, Google Contacts, iCloud Contacts, or any csv or excel file.

Customizable Fax Cover

Customize your own company cover page with logo or for different departments return contact information.


In additional to the savings from the hardware, supply and maintenance costs, VTX WebFax usage can be included as part of the VTX Cloud PBX plan.

Tell us a little bit about your company and your needs and we will provide a solution and quotation for your personalized business cloud phone system

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