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VTX Helps Contact Center Reduce Toll-Free Inbound Calling Cost By 50%



AZ Connect US is a branch office of an international consumer electronics brand that manufactures networking and IoT devices with primary market in the US. The company’s contact centers are located in the US and the Philippines and is using a traditional enterprise-grade PBX for all of its 12 offices worldwide. 


  • The toll-free inbound call volume is increasing rapidly. Dedicated PRI circuits are legacy technology that carriers are trying to phase out. The associated costs that AZ Connect is paying is skyrocketing. 

  • Needs network redundancy 

VTX offers the ultimate Cloud Communication Solution fo contact centers and call centers
Improe your customer service team performance with VTX Cloud Contact Center Solution

Made for Any Sized Businesses

VTX Solutions for

AZ Connect US

VTX Managed Data Services

  • Secure data service with high SLA and QoS. VTX Managed Switched Ethernet to provide mission critical data service and be able to help customer monitor and balance traffic loads, guaranteeing Voice and mission critical applications can failover to the Broadband Internet as needed. 

  • Local Broadband Internet for regular browsing and email, and as redundancy to MSE


VTX Sip Trunk

  • Unleashed the traditional PRI circuit limitation. Provided VTX VoIP gateway to take advantage of VTX’s low toll-free inbound calling plan. 

VTX Use Case

See some of the VTX Cloud Communication Solutions have helped businesses in different industries to improve both cost and operational efficiency.

Ready to Save More and Improve Your Communication Service?


  • 5% combined savings from the toll-free inbound usage with VTX’s low per minute rates and savings from making the PRI circuit obsolete with VTX Sip Trunk. 

  • More savings on the international circuit from US to the Philippines 


This use case was created based on real scenarios with altered company name to maintain customer privacy.

Improve productivity and team collaboration with VTX Cloud Phone System
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