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VTX Cloud Communication Solution for entrpreneur start ups, gig workers, remote team
Entrepreneur/ Consulting/ Gig Workers
Convenient Entrepreneur’s Office-On-The-Go with Multi-Company Identities 



Omni IT Consulting is small IT management firm consists of 10 full-time employees in San Jose. The company takes advantage of the gig economy and contracts local and offshore independent contractors to work on various Client IT projects. The owner of the company, Ken, spends 70% of his time traveling and works on-the-road. An avid real-estate investor, Ken also owns Omni Property Management, which co-occupies the same office. 


  • Need to have different phone numbers and office greetings for two companies in the same office. 

  • Communication with offshore team during before or after business hours without being in the office


VTX Cloud Communication Solution for entrpreneur start ups, gig workers, remote team

Made for Any Sized Businesses

VTX Solutions for Omni IT Consulting 

VTX Cloud Phone System 

  • Quick deployment and cost savings. VTX vtxMobile apps are used instead of desktop phones so calls can be made and received on cell phones and laptops while traveling or working offsite. Extensions can be assigned to new team members. 

  • DID can ring to a group of extensions as project teams. When Client calls the project dedicated phone number, it can ring to project manager, or all team members. 

  • Office-on-the-go. Ken uses vtxMobile app as mobile office to stay connected with Clients and project team members.

  • Multiple DID local phone numbers and separate auto attendant/directory for the two companies. Different DIDs or phone numbers can be routed to the same extension.

  • More savings on international calls. Free call between team members internationally, using extension to extension calls. 

  • International calls become US local calls.  From vtxMobile, team members abroad can dial any US number as local calls. 

VTX Use Case

See some of the VTX Cloud Communication Solutions have helped businesses in different industries to improve both cost and operational efficiency.

Ready to Save More and Improve Your Communication Service?


  • 70% savings on telecom cost, no more international call expenses, no more wireless service expenses reimbursements, no hardware upfront costs or maintenance costs. 

  • Higher productivity, hire talents without boundaries, work from anywhere

  • Seamless team collaboration

  • Maintained different company identities without additional cost 

  • When traveling abroad and switching to local SIM, vtxMobile continues to work seamlessly no calls will be missed. 


This use case was created based on real scenarios with altered company name to maintain customer privacy.

Improve productivity and team collaboration with VTX Cloud Phone System
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