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Retail Chain Stores/ eCommerce
Simplify Network Management and Reduce Communication Expenses



With more than 30 retail outlets and distribution centers nationwide and headquarter located in Southern California, Fortune Supermarket Inc. understands the importance of Information Management and data analysis in order to stay ahead of competition.


Fortune IT department faces the challenges of building a fail-proof private network in order to reduce manual logistics and speeding up data transmission to achieve the ultimate business goals of increasing customer satisfaction and beating competition on reactive pricing strategies.


  • Credit card processing, daily goods sold transactions data transmission inventory and pricing updates to mitigate customer queues at each point of sales.

  • Cost effective inter-store and headquarter communication.

  • Network visibility in order for efficient troubleshoot.

  • Weekly Store Managers' meeting, and deliveries of data backups.

VTX Cloud Communication Solution for retail chain stores
VTX cloud communication solution for shop owners

Made for Any Sized Businesses

VTX Solutions for Fortune Supermarket 


  • Cost-saving. VTX helped Fortune IT Department setup secured IPVPN using VTX SD-WAN, eliminating the need for private circuits between locations. 

  • Simplify network management & monitoring.  Fortune IT manager was able to monitor the entire virtual network through the VTX SD-WAN manager portal, and improve application performance.

  • Task automation. Scheduled automatic pricing updates and utilizing the network to perform data back up after store hours, saving store managers hassle for daily back up chores and avoid human errors or delivery delays.

  • Expand footprint coverage. Adding new locations to the network can be set up within a few days. Literally, plug and play. 

  • Improve network performance. Through the VTX SD-WAN management portal, network load balancing can be achieved easily. 


VTX Cloud Phone System

  • Enterprise image and local presence. Toll-free numbers and local phone numbers for each store. 

  • Tiered Auto attendants with multilingual selections. Customized IVR for corporate office and for each location. 

  • FREE inter-location calls. Store managers can easily communicate to other stores or headquarter by simply dialing an extension. 

  • Weekly conference calls. Schedule conference bridge via VTX IPPBX Management Portal. 


VTX Use Case

See some of the VTX Cloud Communication Solutions have helped businesses in different industries to improve both cost and operational efficiency.

Ready to Save More and Improve Your Communication Service?


  • Fortune IT manager’s daily tasks were simplified and was able to easily focus on network management with clear visibility. 

  • VTX provided all data communication equipment as part of the service, enabling Fortune to upgrade its network without investing in any hardware purchases and advanced capital expenditure, saving Fortune tens of thousands of dollars.

  • Phone bill reduced 50% with free inter-office calls and shared calling plan.

  • 70% savings compared to using traditional MPLS network.


This use case was created based on real scenarios with altered company name to maintain customer privacy.

Improve productivity and team collaboration with VTX Cloud Phone System
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