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Travel Agencies
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BlueSky Travel is an international based company with sales locations in many major cities in the US and an affiliate office each in Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, and South Korea. BlueSky offers a wide variety of global travel packages catering to US inbound and outbound customers throughout the US and in Asia.  Each office is responsible for its local customer support and at the same time, takes share in handling the Toll-free customer inquiries and supports.



  • In order to stay competitive in the industry, BlueSky needs to extend its customer hotlines 24X7, but needs to restrain on the overhead

  • Share and exchange data effectively and securely, a secured network is needed to provide such safe ground


VTX Cloud Phone System for travel agencies
VTX offers the ultimate Cloud Phone System for travel agencies

Made for Any Sized Businesses

VTX Solutions for BlueSky Travel

VTX Cloud Phone System

  • Free inter-office calls and contracted tour guides in different countries. Formulate a routing policy to help distribute inbound call queues and sequences amongst the different offices and time zones. 

  • Easily and freely contact tour guides on-the-go. Each tour guide was given a vtxMobile extension which makes communication more seamlessly with offices and tourists abroad, avoid international roaming charge, calls to airlines, hotels, restaurants, etc without incurring additional phone charges. No matter where they are, calls to any US numbers are billed as local calls.

  • Savings on international calls. All extension users located abroad are assigned an extension with US local phone number. VTX calling plan is shared between offices and users. Calling US from abroad are all treated as a local call.  

VTX Use Case

See some of the VTX Cloud Communication Solutions have helped businesses in different industries to improve both cost and operational efficiency.

Ready to Save More and Improve Your Communication Service?


  • Now Blue Sky is empowered to extend business hours without extra staffing costs, as each office will be able to cover for one another at different time zones. Call volume can also be distributed or adjusted accordingly to staffing capacity.

  • Expand new footprints by adding new satellite offices, add and change mobile extensions for contracted tourist guides easily 

  • Customers feel more connected to travel agents and tour guides, while employee don’t need to give out cell phone numbers. 

  • Smoother operations and support, as tour guides on-the-road can keep close contacts with US office and even family without incurring additional expenses. 

  • Phone bill savings up to 70% with free inter-office and international calls empowered by VTX Cloud phone system.


This use case was created based on real scenarios with altered company name to maintain customer privacy.

Improve productivity and team collaboration with VTX Cloud Phone System
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